Monthly Archives: November 2007

First Two Projects Completed.

chrysanthem painting

“Chrysanthemums” is my first oil painting. I used “The Art of Oil Painting” by W. Foster to get the basics and tried to remember my college art class on color basics (six years ago). I have to say I am pretty satisfied with the result, although it is not perfect.

What have I learned here? Oils need patience. I used water paints before and I didn’t have to wait for them to dry very long. However the oils take forever. I guess this is the reason it took me so long to finish this project. I had to put the painting away in between the layers to dry and I just forgot about it for days.


I remembered a drawing exercise from my college years, where you divide a page by drawing vertical and horizontal lines and drawing a different part of an object in each box. I drew an angel statue then. 

I found a nice picture of a water-plane on Yahoo Images and I thought it would work well with above technique because of the structural lines.


I WILL finish all my projects!

Creations Waiting to be Finished

I am going through all my closets and drawers, taking out everything that I have once started and never finished. By completing these projects I hope for a fresh start as I am starting this blog. I hope that this clean and organized environmet will invite creativity and new ideas.  

  1. Chrysantheme Painting
  2. Water-plane Drawing
  3. Winter Pillow
  4. Sweater-Dress (not on the picture)
  5. Top for my Sister
  6. Basket of Yarn
  7. Red Top
  8. Painting of a Black Bird