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Snow Flake Pillows

I saw this great faux fur in a fabric store and thought it would be perfect for a winter decoration. Beads store was near by, an inspiration came along for the snow flake embroidery. The beads and the pearls are glass.

These pillows were on my UFO list. Now, I only have one more project left: Bird Painting that is slowly coming along.

snow flake pillow

snow flake pillow


Little Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

This Sweater Dress was inspired by Phildar’s pattern for a sweater. I didn’t buy the pattern, just worked of the picture to get a similar (little tighter) result. It is all knitted except for the little flowers/balls. They were crocheted and sewn into the dress. In the process I run out of the yarn and the store didn’t have any more of the same kind. So for the collar, the sleeves and the flowers I had to use one that was the most similar to the body that I could find. The difference is minimal, as most people couldn’t see the difference.

Below is my inspiration, my pattern design (that I can only understand), and my work in progress.

Phildar SweaterSweater DressSweater DressSweater Dress

Cold Winter? I can’t wait.

Hat and Scarf

Black hat and scarf. I made the scarf first and I had leftover yarn, so I decided to make the hat. It was my first hat and I needed a pattern. Vickie Howell had a pattern for a very cool men’s Brimster: By trial and error I managed to modify it and came up with a more feminine version. It is a combination of knitting and crochet.

hat Vickie’s Brimster

Holiday Top

Holiday Top_1

Holiday Top

Holiday Top

I hope my sister will like this top. It is all for her. I found this amazing fabric; white and gold, just perfect for the Holidays! I finished it with a gold biased tape (I learned how to make it from For a final touch I added two embroidered buttons that I made myself.

HOW TO MAKE EMBROIDERED BUTTONS?spider_cupcake-067c.jpg

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Red Embroidered Top



I found this unfinished top on the bottom of my closet. I can’t remember why I have abandoned it because it was almost done. The crochet embroidery  was already finished and it took me only one hour to complete. It is made of thick velvet-like fabric. No pattern was used.

Third project from my “UFO” list DONE!!!

Green Jacket

Green Jacket2Green Jacket2

This jacket needed just few final stitches that I made during a brake from working on my unfinished projects list. Many details of this jacket were inspired by BurdaStyle  Jj’s coat that was posted some time ago. (Jj’s inspiration can be seen in her How To#206: ” It is made of silk cashmere + interlining + brown lining. Parts of it were knitted using patterns from my old Polish knitting book.

Now, I go back to my unfinished projects.