Holiday Top

Holiday Top_1

Holiday Top

Holiday Top

I hope my sister will like this top. It is all for her. I found this amazing fabric; white and gold, just perfect for the Holidays! I finished it with a gold biased tape (I learned how to make it from For a final touch I added two embroidered buttons that I made myself.

HOW TO MAKE EMBROIDERED BUTTONS?spider_cupcake-067c.jpg

 Using a modeling compund/polymer clay I shapped two crescents with an indentation in the middle. Then using any pointy tool I made 4 holes on each crescent. Make the hole big enough to pass a needle through. Bake the crescents according to the directions on the modeling compound.

Trace the shape of the crescent onto a fabric. Make the shape big enough to cover the button all around. Cut it out.



 With the right side of the fabric up lift the edges up and stitch it, folding the edges in. Don’t secure it at the end.

Cut the excess fabric. 



Loosen the stitch and take the crescent out. Then flip the fabric out-side in. Reinsert the crescent.




Tighten the stitch. Passing the needle through the holes in the crescent secure the fabric.


Switch needles to beading. Secure the beads by passing the needle through the holes.


One response to “Holiday Top

  1. I love the top… is really elegant. Perfect for the party season…..well done.

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