Little Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

This Sweater Dress was inspired by Phildar’s pattern for a sweater. I didn’t buy the pattern, just worked of the picture to get a similar (little tighter) result. It is all knitted except for the little flowers/balls. They were crocheted and sewn into the dress. In the process I run out of the yarn and the store didn’t have any more of the same kind. So for the collar, the sleeves and the flowers I had to use one that was the most similar to the body that I could find. The difference is minimal, as most people couldn’t see the difference.

Below is my inspiration, my pattern design (that I can only understand), and my work in progress.

Phildar SweaterSweater DressSweater DressSweater Dress


2 responses to “Little Sweater Dress

  1. Looks very nice. Great design. It’s definitely little! LOL Are you wearing it for New Year’s?

  2. Thank you Songdeva. The dress is on the list of the New Year’s possible outfits. The decision, most likely, will be last minute.

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