High-Waistline Pants


After watching many fashion-shows I had to have one of the high-waistline/wide-leg pants. I used an old Burda pattern for regular pants and widened the legs (the easy part). Then I decided to build up the belt part onto the original one by adding two more parts,  and this is where my patience was tested.  The reason why it wasn’t working was because I thought it would be nice to make the middle part of the belt from a biased piece of fabric. It looked great until I tried it on, and there it was: a bulge (a muffin top) in the middle of the belt! Even with stiffening it from behind it wouldn’t resolve complete, but with a belt it is acceptable.





2 responses to “High-Waistline Pants

  1. I love these trousers, fantastic… why don`t sew anymore?

  2. Jezzabell; I will start sewing again very soon, no doubt. My head is full of ideas. I’m just in a knitting, crochet and painting zone lately.

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