Blue Sweater- First Major Bond Project


The Bond knitting machine is great! I can’t believe how much time this thing saves.

As soon as I got it I watched the instructional CD and practiced a little on the sample yarn that came with the machine. I got impatient soon enough and ignored the recommendations to start with easy projects (like scarves) and slowly advance. But my ambitions took over the common sense and started working on the cable sweater that was on my mind for a while. I struggled a lot in the beginning with making the cables on the bond, choosing the right plate size and just general principles of working on the machine. I had to start over few times. The general idea for the sweater came from a picture on the Phildar’s site. I tried to make the same sleeves, but they came out much wider. I liked the result and decided to keep them like that. The Phildar’s creation doesn’t have a knitted body, so that part of the sweater was all mine idea. Not all of the sweater was made on the Bond. I hand knitted the ribbed edge around the neck and at the front closure. I crocheted around black plastic buttons.

Yarn: Bernat’s Satin (100% acrylic) that was on sale for $1.99/ball at A.C. Moore.




One response to “Blue Sweater- First Major Bond Project

  1. I love the buttons… incredibly stylish.

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