Work in Progress- Branchardiere Cardigan

 Anthropologie is my favorite store in the world. I love shopping there, most of the time the sale racks because the clothes can be expensive. Every time I leave the store my head is full of beautiful images and inspirations.

I fell in love with the above bolero and decided to make a similar one. I had a leftover light blue yarn (from the last project) and matched it with a dark navy blue. I already started patiently crocheting the flowers (20 as of now) and I plan to knit the body of the bolero on the Bond machine. In my vision there will not be any flowers around, just on the sleeves and the back.  I also plan to make it longer (making it into a vest more than a bolero shape) using a simple purl. The closure will be buttons


One response to “Work in Progress- Branchardiere Cardigan

  1. I can’t wait to see when you finished…. the flowers look great so far!!!!

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