Thinker- The Last UFO completed!


I have finally finished the last UFO from my list!

“Thinker” is my second oil painting and it took a while to complete, but I am satisfied with the result since it was a training piece. Since I have started working on it I have discovered a whole society of daily painters; artist who complete their art in one day. I was very impressed with what they can accomplish in just few hours and I have decided to try their approach to oil painting. The main reason was my attention span. I have learned from my first two paintings that when I put them away for drying my brain gets easily distracted with other things and I don’t come back to my piece for days, even weeks. In past few days I succesfuly finished two daily painting and I will post them very soon.


2 responses to “Thinker- The Last UFO completed!

  1. I love it, the colour everything. You sound a little like me with my quilts..I have about 20 in various stages of waiting for the right fabric.

  2. favorited this one, dude

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