First Two Daily Paintings


 Two Olives

Two Olives / Oil on canvas / 5×7″ / Daily Painting

After reading many, many different blogs of daily painters I was so envious of what they can accomplish in just few hours I decided to try their approach. I was especially amazed with art of Jelaine Faunce (, her great ideas and wonderful compositions. I am not sure if I will ever reach her level of the art, but it is something I will strive for. Two Olives is my first effort in daily painting.


 Happy on the beach

Happy On The Beach / Oil on canvas / 8×10″ / Daily Painting

This sweet scene is painted from a picture I took few years ago on a road-trip to Key West.  It is somewhere in Florida and I have no idea who the little girl is, but she is adorable.

happy on the beach

I painted the sides of the canvas, so it doesn’t require a frame.

happy on the beach


One response to “First Two Daily Paintings

  1. I think you did a fabulous job with your first daily painting. Lots of soft atmosphere and wonderful details on the olives. Keep it up!

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