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I have inspired a pattern!


I love BurdaStyleand their patterns. I am on their website almost everyday. A while ago I have submitted some designs for their competition. I presented them as doll clothes. It was very surprising to see that they were picked, but words can not describe how I felt when I saw my coat as a pattern. It looks a lot different (better, much better) than the original, a springy version. And then my jaw dropped when they wrote that it was given to Naomi Campbell! Naomi might wear a design inspired by me!!! (my heart just skipped a beat)

Thank you BurdaStyle!

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Original Naomi 

 My submition for the competition.


Malissa Top

Malissa Top

It’s another BurdaStyle pattern. I used three over-sized winter scarfs that I got on sale to make it. Originally it was supposed to be a dress, but the fabric was to heavy and the bottom was pulling it down too much. I decided to just cut it and make a top.  When I was cutting the collar, I saved the original fringe on one edge and used it for an extra little detail. The Malissa top is super soft and warm!

Malissa Top

Cardigan Pattern

Here is the chart pattern for the Anthropology inspired cardigan. I scanned my original chart and put it in a Word format, I hope it is clear enough.

Cardigan         cardigan-pattern.doc

 Let me see your sweater if you decide to make it!

Sidonie Skirt

This is my submission for the  Sewallong Mini Challenge.  The challenge is to use the Sidonie basic skirt pattern to create your version.

My Sidonie is a high waisted, wide belted skirt with a pleated panel in front. I used a heavy, dusty rose velvet for it. 


Sidonie SkirtSidonie SkirtSidonie Skirt

All Three Tumbelinas Finnished



Thumbelina, Oils on Canvas, 6×6″,

Knit… Knit… Knit…


 Anthropologie inspired cardigan. It is not exactly like the original, but after one total ripping of the front I lost my patience and left it like this.




It would be a quick project on the Bond machine if I had a pattern. I find it harder to knit without patterns on Bond than by hand. It’s just hard to in-vision the whole piece when it is pulled in every direction by the machine. You don’t know what you’ll get until you take it off the needles ( I love my Bond anyway).

On a different note. My little fighter, Cicia.


And my next knitting project;  dress form Vogue Knitting Winter 2007. It’s almost spring, but I just got the magazine couple days ago and love everything in it! If time allows I will make few of them, especially the over-sized sweaters.

Vogue knitting

Azalea Dress

I bought couple yards of silk chiffon on EBay a while ago because I loved the playful print. I didn’t have any plan for it at the time, but when BurdaStyle came up with Azalea Dress I knew it would be a perfect combination.  And here it is; Azalea Dress.

Azelea DressAzelea dress

I had a moment of brilliance while shopping at a 99c store last week: magnetic paper clip holder is great for pins. I have been using it since then and love it! It is very practical.

Magnetic pin holdel

Lastly, I have a plan for my next knitting project; another knock off Anthropologie; Cropped Cardi.