Azalea Dress

I bought couple yards of silk chiffon on EBay a while ago because I loved the playful print. I didn’t have any plan for it at the time, but when BurdaStyle came up with Azalea Dress I knew it would be a perfect combination.  And here it is; Azalea Dress.

Azelea DressAzelea dress

I had a moment of brilliance while shopping at a 99c store last week: magnetic paper clip holder is great for pins. I have been using it since then and love it! It is very practical.

Magnetic pin holdel

Lastly, I have a plan for my next knitting project; another knock off Anthropologie; Cropped Cardi.


3 responses to “Azalea Dress

  1. hey…you got there…i like your dress..such a beautiful and stylish dress…well im searching that style of dress

  2. What I would not give to have the time to sew again. I’ve been craving it for so long. Also, I am an Anthropologie junkie, so I can’t wait to see what you come up for the jacket. Too bad they don’t loan out the clothes so we can disassemble them, make patterns, reassemble them, then return them. Ha!

  3. I can’t help smiling at your comment about “another” Anthropologie knockoff. I’ve stolen several sewing ideas from them myself.

    (Found your blog through the BurdaStyle links, btw. It’s fun to see the art you have up here too, and I’m in awe that you can do an entire painting in one day and have it look good! Back when I was doing art regularly, paintings would take me forever.)

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