I have inspired a pattern!


I love BurdaStyleand their patterns. I am on their website almost everyday. A while ago I have submitted some designs for their competition. I presented them as doll clothes. It was very surprising to see that they were picked, but words can not describe how I felt when I saw my coat as a pattern. It looks a lot different (better, much better) than the original, a springy version. And then my jaw dropped when they wrote that it was given to Naomi Campbell! Naomi might wear a design inspired by me!!! (my heart just skipped a beat)

Thank you BurdaStyle!

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Original Naomi 

 My submition for the competition.


5 responses to “I have inspired a pattern!

  1. Oh, I remember seeing this design during the Alice in Workingland competition! And thinking that using a doll as the model for it was genius. I agree though– I love the look of it as a kimono jacket. Congratulations!

  2. oh my god congratulations!!! this is so cool, i can’t wait to make it, AND see naomi wear it!

  3. Kasia that is amazing…am so happy for you and can actually picture Naomi wearing it. What is next? Have you thought of running some things up and doing an etsy or a market somewhere? If you check out etsy dresses or skirts etc I feel your style would really stand out. WOO HOO YES I AM SHOUTING I am so happy for you all designers are when someone makes a breakthrough.

  4. Okay just remembered you are in medicine but everyone has some time off…right? Unless you are an intern with nnnoooo time off of course. Woo Hoo!! I have calmed down a little but am off now to sending links to some Aussie designers I know.

  5. Thank you, guys!
    And yes, Magic Quilter, medicine leaves almost no time for hobby, but I have a little time off right now and I spent it all on sewing, knitting, painting. I would love to start something small on Etsy, but I am afraid that very soon my free time will again be consumed by my profession. Hopefuly one day!

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