I felt that I didn’t have any excuses not to make the Naomi coat,Burda Stylepattern that was inspired by my idea and worn by Naomi Campbell. I really enjoy how it came out, although it wasn’t very easy! It makes a nice summer cover-up.  Originaly I wanted to make it nautical; blue and some white accents, but while fabric shopping I saw this natural tone cotton with white and gold stripes, I Knew it was ment for my Naomi. Since I already spend some time searching for the shell and ship pictures for my nautical embroidery I decided to apply them as well. Overall I think this way is better than my original idea.

Download pattern here.

Read about my Naomi here.


4 responses to “Naomi

  1. That’s gorgeous! The embroidery is great, so delicate, perfect for summer.

  2. Great choice of fabric–I like how the simpler pattern really allows the construction of it to stand out. And LOVE the embroidery! I take it you have an embroidery machine, then?

  3. Thank you! I don’t have an embroidery machine, I did it on a regular sewing machine. I saw the technique on Martha Steward Show a while ago, it gives the embroidery very polished finish. Find the “freehand embroidery” instructions here
    It is simple, but time consumming. I changed it a little; instead of tracing the image I pinned very thin pice of paper with a printed image to the right side of fabric and sew directly over it, I didn’t use stabilizer. To easily rip the paper hold it between your hands and rub it against itself to wrinkle the paper.

  4. Wow. I love the ship-stitching.

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