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Branchardiere Cardigan Finished!

My knock-off Anthropologie’s Branchardiere Cardigan.




Work in Progress- Branchardiere Cardigan

 Anthropologie is my favorite store in the world. I love shopping there, most of the time the sale racks because the clothes can be expensive. Every time I leave the store my head is full of beautiful images and inspirations.

I fell in love with the above bolero and decided to make a similar one. I had a leftover light blue yarn (from the last project) and matched it with a dark navy blue. I already started patiently crocheting the flowers (20 as of now) and I plan to knit the body of the bolero on the Bond machine. In my vision there will not be any flowers around, just on the sleeves and the back.  I also plan to make it longer (making it into a vest more than a bolero shape) using a simple purl. The closure will be buttons

Little Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

This Sweater Dress was inspired by Phildar’s pattern for a sweater. I didn’t buy the pattern, just worked of the picture to get a similar (little tighter) result. It is all knitted except for the little flowers/balls. They were crocheted and sewn into the dress. In the process I run out of the yarn and the store didn’t have any more of the same kind. So for the collar, the sleeves and the flowers I had to use one that was the most similar to the body that I could find. The difference is minimal, as most people couldn’t see the difference.

Below is my inspiration, my pattern design (that I can only understand), and my work in progress.

Phildar SweaterSweater DressSweater DressSweater Dress

Cold Winter? I can’t wait.

Hat and Scarf

Black hat and scarf. I made the scarf first and I had leftover yarn, so I decided to make the hat. It was my first hat and I needed a pattern. Vickie Howell had a pattern for a very cool men’s Brimster: By trial and error I managed to modify it and came up with a more feminine version. It is a combination of knitting and crochet.

hat Vickie’s Brimster

Red Embroidered Top



I found this unfinished top on the bottom of my closet. I can’t remember why I have abandoned it because it was almost done. The crochet embroidery  was already finished and it took me only one hour to complete. It is made of thick velvet-like fabric. No pattern was used.

Third project from my “UFO” list DONE!!!

I WILL finish all my projects!

Creations Waiting to be Finished

I am going through all my closets and drawers, taking out everything that I have once started and never finished. By completing these projects I hope for a fresh start as I am starting this blog. I hope that this clean and organized environmet will invite creativity and new ideas.  

  1. Chrysantheme Painting
  2. Water-plane Drawing
  3. Winter Pillow
  4. Sweater-Dress (not on the picture)
  5. Top for my Sister
  6. Basket of Yarn
  7. Red Top
  8. Painting of a Black Bird