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Green Apples Table Cloth


Large old fashion, country style tablecloth with green apple embroidery is hand made using reverse stitch technique I have learned from the Alabama Stitch Book. The top layer is linen: ivory with pink, orange and green stripes. Underneath each motif there is a green cotton jersey panel that was hand stitched to the top layer with red cotton yarn. Each apple branch was hand stenciled using hand made stencils and red fabric paint. The embroidery runs along both long sides of the cloth.


The Green Apples Table Cloth is now available at my newly open Etsy store: Koti Koti


Size: 54 x 81.5 in.


Summer Blue

Yet, one more Anthropologie inspired creation. This time the Mill Pond Blouse was my victim. The original has a beautiful embroidery. Instead I have painted flowers using hand made stencils and fabric paint. For anyone interested in fabric painting I have used Folk Art paint. The blouse has been hand washed once in warm water and the paint didn’t bleed or fainted. I recommend it as a fast way to embelish your creations. Fabric- very soft cotton. I didn’t use a pattern.










Bubble Top

The bottom layer is a cotton tank top made out of a t-shirt because I couldn’t find the right color jersey to match the top silk chiffon layer. I added a simple applique to dress it up a little. I didn’t use any pattern, just played with the fabrics.











Purple Sweater Dress

VOGUE Knitting, Winter 2007/2008

It was a quick knit, taking under consideration the size of the dress. I managed to complete it in one weekend. The dress had to be hand knitted because the yarn was too bulky for my sweater machine. The pattern was easy to follow, the only change I made was to make the length and the sleeves shorter. It looks good over some jeans, but I loved the original look over a dress, so I decided to make a simple jersey  lining. It is a tank top dress with a wide bottom.

Twinkle Dress

Twinkle Dress

And a recent little painting. I was trying to paint on wood, experimenting with it and oils. I struggled a lot, but I have learned a lot as well. Maybe the next one will be better.



All Three Tumbelinas Finnished



Thumbelina, Oils on Canvas, 6×6″,

First Two Daily Paintings


 Two Olives

Two Olives / Oil on canvas / 5×7″ / Daily Painting

After reading many, many different blogs of daily painters I was so envious of what they can accomplish in just few hours I decided to try their approach. I was especially amazed with art of Jelaine Faunce (, her great ideas and wonderful compositions. I am not sure if I will ever reach her level of the art, but it is something I will strive for. Two Olives is my first effort in daily painting.


 Happy on the beach

Happy On The Beach / Oil on canvas / 8×10″ / Daily Painting

This sweet scene is painted from a picture I took few years ago on a road-trip to Key West.  It is somewhere in Florida and I have no idea who the little girl is, but she is adorable.

happy on the beach

I painted the sides of the canvas, so it doesn’t require a frame.

happy on the beach

Thinker- The Last UFO completed!


I have finally finished the last UFO from my list!

“Thinker” is my second oil painting and it took a while to complete, but I am satisfied with the result since it was a training piece. Since I have started working on it I have discovered a whole society of daily painters; artist who complete their art in one day. I was very impressed with what they can accomplish in just few hours and I have decided to try their approach to oil painting. The main reason was my attention span. I have learned from my first two paintings that when I put them away for drying my brain gets easily distracted with other things and I don’t come back to my piece for days, even weeks. In past few days I succesfuly finished two daily painting and I will post them very soon.

First Two Projects Completed.

chrysanthem painting

“Chrysanthemums” is my first oil painting. I used “The Art of Oil Painting” by W. Foster to get the basics and tried to remember my college art class on color basics (six years ago). I have to say I am pretty satisfied with the result, although it is not perfect.

What have I learned here? Oils need patience. I used water paints before and I didn’t have to wait for them to dry very long. However the oils take forever. I guess this is the reason it took me so long to finish this project. I had to put the painting away in between the layers to dry and I just forgot about it for days.


I remembered a drawing exercise from my college years, where you divide a page by drawing vertical and horizontal lines and drawing a different part of an object in each box. I drew an angel statue then. 

I found a nice picture of a water-plane on Yahoo Images and I thought it would work well with above technique because of the structural lines.