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I felt that I didn’t have any excuses not to make the Naomi coat,Burda Stylepattern that was inspired by my idea and worn by Naomi Campbell. I really enjoy how it came out, although it wasn’t very easy! It makes a nice summer cover-up.  Originaly I wanted to make it nautical; blue and some white accents, but while fabric shopping I saw this natural tone cotton with white and gold stripes, I Knew it was ment for my Naomi. Since I already spend some time searching for the shell and ship pictures for my nautical embroidery I decided to apply them as well. Overall I think this way is better than my original idea.

Download pattern here.

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Malissa Top

Malissa Top

It’s another BurdaStyle pattern. I used three over-sized winter scarfs that I got on sale to make it. Originally it was supposed to be a dress, but the fabric was to heavy and the bottom was pulling it down too much. I decided to just cut it and make a top.  When I was cutting the collar, I saved the original fringe on one edge and used it for an extra little detail. The Malissa top is super soft and warm!

Malissa Top