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Summer Blue

Yet, one more Anthropologie inspired creation. This time the Mill Pond Blouse was my victim. The original has a beautiful embroidery. Instead I have painted flowers using hand made stencils and fabric paint. For anyone interested in fabric painting I have used Folk Art paint. The blouse has been hand washed once in warm water and the paint didn’t bleed or fainted. I recommend it as a fast way to embelish your creations. Fabric- very soft cotton. I didn’t use a pattern.










Bubble Top

The bottom layer is a cotton tank top made out of a t-shirt because I couldn’t find the right color jersey to match the top silk chiffon layer. I added a simple applique to dress it up a little. I didn’t use any pattern, just played with the fabrics.












I have inspired a pattern!


I love BurdaStyleand their patterns. I am on their website almost everyday. A while ago I have submitted some designs for their competition. I presented them as doll clothes. It was very surprising to see that they were picked, but words can not describe how I felt when I saw my coat as a pattern. It looks a lot different (better, much better) than the original, a springy version. And then my jaw dropped when they wrote that it was given to Naomi Campbell! Naomi might wear a design inspired by me!!! (my heart just skipped a beat)

Thank you BurdaStyle!

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Original Naomi 

 My submition for the competition.

I WILL finish all my projects!

Creations Waiting to be Finished

I am going through all my closets and drawers, taking out everything that I have once started and never finished. By completing these projects I hope for a fresh start as I am starting this blog. I hope that this clean and organized environmet will invite creativity and new ideas.  

  1. Chrysantheme Painting
  2. Water-plane Drawing
  3. Winter Pillow
  4. Sweater-Dress (not on the picture)
  5. Top for my Sister
  6. Basket of Yarn
  7. Red Top
  8. Painting of a Black Bird